The 23-year-old mother is already “dead.” But then they lay the baby on her breast.

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She couldn’t wait to hold her newborn. 23-year-old Shelly Cawley was pregnant and both her and her husband Jeremy had no idea that this would not be the joyous moment they had waited so long for, but instead it would be absolutely horrible.
It turns out an emergency Caesarean section is suddenly needed when Shelly goes into labor.
Baby Rylan is delivered, and is healthy. But due to a blood clot that was triggered during the C-section, important arteries became clogged in Shelly’s body.
The mother went into a coma.
Husband Jeremy explains what happened:
“The doctors had done everything they could. At this time, they were absolutely sure that they would lose Shelly. You are so unbelievably excited that your child is born … and in the next moment you believe you’ll have to say farewell to your wife forever. It was like being numbed.”
Unbelievable grief and conflicted emotion no doubt was coming over Jeremy. Then came Ashley Manus. She was a nurse, and she had an idea. Ashley explains:
“We knew that skin contact from a mother to her newborn can be very helpful—so why wouldn’t it work the other way around?”

They then take the naked baby, and laid her on top of the chest of the now comatose mother.
The nurse explains what her motivations were:
“I was hoping that Shelly was still in there somewhere, so she could feel her baby and her heart, to let her mother instincts wake up.”

Jeremy explains what happens as the baby falls asleep on the mother:
“We tickled her, even gave her a couple little pinches. It lasted 10 minutes then she gave a loud scream.”
Then what happened was nearly unbelievable.
“We saw the heart monitor flash to life. The screaming had brought Shelly back into the fight. I had my wife back!”
It would be a week later when the 23-year-old new mom would completely wake up and fully get out of the coma.
She finally got to hold her baby. Here she describes the experience:
“I stared at Rylan’s face and thought to myself that she was the most beautiful baby in the world. I know that every mother thinks that, but we had such a special connection after everything that happened.”
She now celebrates her 1st birthday, and mom thinks back about what had happened regarding the life saving actions of her daughter a year prior:
“Last year I fought for my life and this year I have a wonderful 1-year-old daughter. When she’s grown up, I’ll tell her that she saved my life.”
Amazing what ended up happening and the power that a newborn infant can really have. Share this moving story with all of your friends and family.

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