Teacher’s New Homework Assignment Has Mom Horrified “He Will Not Partake!”

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This mom has posted a story on social media and it has been sparking major outrage! The mom, from California, was startled to find out that her son’s 7th grade teacher had given him a whole lesson regarding Islamic beliefs and prayer! Tara, the mom, also discovered that a code existed where the student could scan it with their phone and then they would listen to an actual Muslim prayer. Tara took this as clear indoctrination into the Muslim religion. She immediately sent something to the teacher.
She took the assignment and sent it back to the teacher with a very clear and direct message. She posted the workbook picture on Facebook, and the message that she wrote.
“My son WILL not be a part of this in any sort of way. This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake, If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer.
She then listed several Bible verses.
“The school’s approach to religion is academic, not devotional.”
The American Civil Liberties Union states that it is not constitutional for schools to “advance particular religious beliefs.” They can teach various religions, but not advance the beliefs. They state the guidelines for teaching religion in school.
“The school may strive for student awareness of religions, but should not press for student acceptance of any religion.”
Also they clarify content rules.
“The school may sponsor study about religion, but may not sponsor the practice of religion.”
On studying, rather than practicing, religion:

“The school may educate about all religions, but may not promote or denigrate any religion.”
They state no single religion can be singled out.
Is the mother right in bringing up her concerns here? Or is the mother overreacting regarding having Islam being taught in her child’s school? Is the school pushing the religion? The bizarre act of giving a child a code for them to access through their personal phones to listen to Muslim prayer indeed seems odd and appears to be something that would take place outside the classroom. Regardless many are split on this story. Share it with friends and family to see what their reaction is!

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