She Uses Only TWO Ingredients To Clean Her Filthy Oven In Record Time… Seriously!

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When it comes to cooking, I’m a big fan of baking. Why? Because I basically throw something into the oven, drink wine for about an hour, and then my food is done. Not a bad deal. But when Thanksgiving and Christmas come along, that oven is going to be working  some serious overtime. You might even have people over who are going to need to use that oven of yours. But when was the last time you truly looked inside this cavernous cooking machine?Chances are, it looks pretty gross. Bits and pieces of food, sauce, and grease are all over the place, baked into the oven walls. Eeeeew… your food comes from there, for crying out loud! So how the heck do you clean it? While I was readying the elbow grease, along comes DIY Home Sweet Home to save the day. 
1. So what do you need to get rid of this nastiness? About 15-30 minutes of your time, some water, and some baking soda. “Seriously!?” Yeah, seriously.

2. Mix a quarter cup of baking soda with water to create a paste. Use the paste to coat the walls of your oven, including the glass and door.
3. Wait about 15-30 minutes and the paste should have turned a brownish colour. Now give your oven a good wipe. Wow!
How easy was that? If there are an remaining stubborn spots, a little bit of scrubbing with a scouring sponge should finish them off. What a great time saver!

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