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A stranger suddenly helps out after a child was rushed into a grocery store by a very emotional parent.
It was otherwise your typical day out at the grocery. But now, clearly an emergency was unfolding in front of everyone.
More strangers step in to help out. Chaos was brewing heavy, and within seconds was simmering over as the parent was extremely distraught.
One man calmly took control of the situation, slowly helping out the child until the father shows up.
The dad took his child and tried to save him, but as time was of the essence, he made the decision to hand him back over to the stranger. The man then raced to the checkout counter and began to resuscitate the child.

 The child was saved! All thanks to the stranger. The dad is very emotional. Thankfully there are people in the world who can remain calm during tense situations and take the proper actions to save a life!

Via Yixes

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