Man Tells Boy, Age 2, To Put Up His Hands, Then Does The Unthinkable

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The unthinkable happened in New Jersey recently as a 2-year-old boy was punched by a man, causing the young child’s death.
It was 24-year-old Zachary Tricoche from Pennsauken, New Jersey who apparently got into it with his girlfriend. The argument was over groceries that she had bought, but that he did not like.
Detectives involved in the case are saying that Tricoche took out his anger on his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, Jamil Baskerville Jr., as he ended up punching the child so hard that the boy went backwards, straight into a wall.
Sadly, it doesn’t end there. The boy got up and the man told him to “put up his fists.” Then he hit the boy in the chest, and the child lost all consciousness. The mom called 911.

Her story was that her son vomited and was unresponsive. But a medical report proved otherwise. Internal bleeding due to crushed liver and the result was the boy dying.
Blunt force trauma was the official cause of death and it’s ruled as a homicide.
Gerome DeShields is the boy’s grandma. She had this to say to the man at the arraignment:
“You’re less of a man to sit there and put your hands on any type of child, no matter what age it is. He was 2 years old. There should be no reason you should want to hit him.”
Many responses via Twitter have been disgusted at this horrible crime, and many are hoping the man will get a taste of his own medicine while in general population:
“Horrible! They need 2 put this man in the Gen. Population & have them take care of him!”
Tricoche’s bail was set at $1 million, and no doubt once word gets around regarding the details of this horrific story, he will not be a popular inmate wherever he gets placed.
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