He dug a hole while renovating his house. And discovered that his house was built in top of something hair raising.

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Imagine going down to your basement and making an amazing find. Now imagine that find to be an entire city! Such was the case in Turkey as in 1963 in Derinkuyu in the Nevşehir province, also known as Cappadocia, a man had discovered a city and hadn’t ever realized it was there. The house was being renovated and construction workers had to rip out a wall in the basement. That led to a room that the homeowner never knew he had. The workers took a peak, and then realized they were not just inside a room, but had just entered an entire city.
Derinkuyu was the underground city and this was the first time it was discovered. Now there have been 8 levels unearthed of the entire complex. Turns out the upper levels are mainly the living areas, while other areas include a wine press, a monastery, and a church!

There was a complex ventilation system constructed so both human and animal could survive and have oxygen.
They estimate that there could have been up to 20,000 people living here! Archeologists believe that only a fourth of the original complex has been uncovered.
They now believe that there must be over 50 such cities existing in Cappadocia. Derinkuyu seems to be connected to one of them while neighboring Kaymakli is a subterranean city connected by a long tunnel which is 5 miles long.
Apparently they believe one possibility for the city’s existence is that it could have served as a sanctuary
during the persecution of Christians under the Ottomans. This seems to be confirmed by the very heavy stone doors that are able to be rolled down the causeways.
But there are some archaeologists who will say that this city is much older. They argue that Derinkuyu was likely built almost 4,000 years ago, and it was constructed by the Hittites.
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