Family Of 10 Turns Down 5-Bedroom Home, Costs Taxpayers

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They were put up in a hotel for four months, at taxpayer expense, all because they turned down a five-bedroom home, while criticizing a British council, apparently saying that it wasn’t big enough!
Along with their eight children, Arnold Malle Sube and wife Jeanne are living in a three-bedroom council house in Luton, Bedfordshire. “Terrible” is how they describe their current living situation, but then they turned around and would not take a larger home when offered to them, claiming there was a lack of space and they need six double bedrooms for them to feel comfortable.

Here’s what Arnold had to say:
“Me and my family have been neglected. It’s so cramped and the conditions are terrible. Everyone is sleeping everywhere and my wife is sleeping with the baby so I am on the sofa. I am homeless in my home now.”
They had actually moved from France over to the U.K. back in 2012. Arnold, ironically, was going to study mental health nursing over at the University of Bedfordshire.
They were first put up for around four months, at $200 a night, in a Hampton Hilton hotel. It was all paid for by the government and cost over 50 grand total!
Not only is their rent covered by taxpayers, but for housing, child benefits and child tax credits, they received another 60 grand.
Apparently the family is suffering horribly according to the father as the daughters actually have to sleep on single bunk beds in one bedroom. The three sons share a bunk bed in the other room and the family has to all share one bathroom. The father has stated he’s trying to get help from solicitors so his family can be comfortable in a big home.
What about the big five-bedroom house? Here’s what Arnold had to say about it:
“There wasn’t enough space for the things of ten people, it didn’t even have a dining room.”
Here’s the statement released by the Luton Borough Council regarding this whole messy situation:
“Despite difficulties we managed to find Mr. and Mrs. Sube affordable housing in Luton that is large enough to house them and their eight children. After a generous offer on our part, we have done our bit and if housing is offered and declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer property to another family.”
The family should have been more appreciative as the chances of even scoring the house offered was very rare.
Councilor Michael drove this point home by saying the following: “not many five-bedroom council houses in Luton and they were lucky to be offered one.”
Incredible that there are families in far, far worse conditions. The sense of entitlement this family has and their unappreciative nature is truly hard to fathom.
Sources: MirrorDaily Mail / Photo credit:  bykst/Pixabay

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