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It was Hans Riegel who owned the Haribo candy company in Bonn, Germany who was the genius behind one of the most iconic types of candies ever – gummy bears! He probably would have never guessed that his creation would end up spawning a worldwide popularity that would eventually morph into everything from gummy fish to sour patch kids.
When you look at a gummy bear, do you ever think of how the heck these things are put together? They are gelled so perfectly, yet are completely edible. Well the process, and the origin of these gummed up candies, is actually pretty scary.

 Pig skin. Yes, that’s what the gummy bears start out as. Filmmaker Alina Kneepkens from Belgium reveals the true nature of these cute, colorful, and yummy candies. Vegetarians who thought they were safe in eating the traditional gummy bear, may want to think twice after checking this out. But, apparently there is another process involving agar and pectin which has been created with the vegan in mind. And you might want to switch over to the latter anyway after checking out the process for the original gummy bears! Very interesting. Be sure to share with all your gummy bear loving friends and family!


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