4 Thugs Viciously Attack Pizza Guy — Make A VERY HUGE Mistake With Who Delivered

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Beggars Pizza gets a last minute call, right before closing, for a delivery in Harvey, Illinois. But the deliver was a set up by four worthless thugs who had the brilliant idea to rob a pizza guy. There was only one guy still working to deliver the pizza, and the hoodlums would be in for quite the surprise.
The shop owner was the last guy at the store as he had sent all the other drivers home. He would end up very thankful that one of his regular drivers wasn’t still on the clock, and that he was the one to handle this delivery.
So he pulls up, and sees a man sitting on the porch. The shop owner goes up to the door with the pizza. But along the way, he is met with three of the hoodlums who jump out of the bushes and attack him. One worthless thug attempts a chokehold while the others try to man handle the man, but their weakling little bodies are no match for the guy that they wrongly decided to jump.
One of the 4 thugs, Malik Mayer, with house on street where incident took place.
They likely thought they would get some little pizza delivering dude. Instead they received the shop owner. The 6-foot-3, 250-pound shop owner. The shop owner who is also, by the way, a former NFL linebacker! Napoleon Harris, who is actually a senator as well as a business owner, was greeted by the thugs and he greeted them with some serious retaliation.

250-pound former NFL linebacker Napoleon Harris
The thugs grabbed Harris’ wallet after being fought off by the linebacker and probably freaked out when they realized who they were dealing with. While the idiot criminals tried to take off in their getaway car, Harris was right behind them.
The hoodlums ditched their Chevy Tahoe at a lumberyard and then frantically ran off on foot. The ex-NFL player pursued the men while calling the cops.
The cops arrive and make a shocking discovery inside the abandoned Tahoe. It was blood from a missing man by the name of Lester “Roy” Jones. Turns out it was Jones car as well. Jones was found dead, apparently killed by the thugs who stole his truck, and the same ones who decided to then attack a pizza delivery guy, who happened to be a NFL linebacker!
Police would end up catching three of the four thugs. The fourth one is said to be holed up in Indiana and will be arrested soon.
They are charged with murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, theft, and two counts of financial transaction card fraud. Thankfully Harris was the one who showed up that night and was able to chase off the killers, and then eventually help to catch them and bring justice to the situation overall.
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