This Dog Was Tortured To The Bone. When The Tape Was Removed, It Tore His Rescuer’s Heart.

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Violence towards animals is one of those things where you feel like ringing the neck of the animal abuser as you simply are not able to comprehend how anyone could commit such acts.

Here we have a dog whose mouth had been tightly wrapped shut with tape. Who the hell does this kind of thing? To make things worse, it appears as if he had been tortured in this manner for quite a while.

The dog naturally must think all humans are dangerous and harmful individuals after having been exposed to such evil.
The adhesive tape needed to be cut away very precisely. Sadly, the tape had already dug deep into the flesh of the dog.

It’s really unimaginable to think about the type of pain this dog was suffering from.
The tape was removed and what was revealed was indeed shocking. The tape had cut right through the fur and flesh. It actually reached the bone. Really sickening. They named him Lucky, and finally the poor dog could eat a meal.
The nose was then bandaged up, but infection dangers were still significantly high.
It would be a few days before Lucky started to feel better and one could tell that the healing process was under way for this poor thing.

There are still tracks left behind from the tape. Nevertheless, physically he is stronger, and mentally he is allowing others to cuddle him. Thankfully Lucky was rescued in time before he starved to death. The scumbags responsible for this hopefully will be brought to justice and have the harshest possible punishment inflicted on them for their sickening, disgusting, and inhumane acts.

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