This Abused Bull Has Been Chained His Whole Life. Now Watch What He Does To The Man In Red…

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The reality of what we do to animals is truly horrific.

I’m not talking about the blatant animal abusers, but the one’s whom we actually don’t think anything of, and we actually benefit from their behavior by purchasing and consuming the animals they breed and abuse. Case in point are the millions of cows who get chained up to a post without access to green pastures or any nature whatsoever.

There’s an organization that helps these animals out, and on a particular rescue they witnessed something pretty amazing, and very moving. There was one bull that they rescued who did something that was a first for this group to experience. He not only plays around in total joy, but the gratitude he shows in the very end towards his rescuers is just incredible. It’s heartbreaking knowing the conditions he was previously under. Check out this show of gratitude from this amazing bull that had been abused for so long prior to his rescue.

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