The Security Camera Caught A Woman Doing THIS At A Gas Station… And It Will Blow Your Mind!

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Not too long ago, we featured a story on a bunch of different life hacks that was incredibly popular. Among the clever tips and tricks in that video was one about avoiding the walk of shame when refueling your car at the gas station. You know what I’m talking about… when you pull up to the pump and step out of your car, only to realize that the gas cap is on the other side. Whoops. It’s okay, you can admit it. We’ve all done this at least once. But what if I told you there was an easy way to take out the guesswork when you suffer a sudden lapse of memory?
Check this out: if you look at the gas pump symbol on your fuel gauge, there is a small arrow indicating on which side you’ll find your gas cap. Now that’s an awesomely handy trick!
Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo. The poor lady in this video just seems to be having one of those days and can’t quite figure out how to position her car at the pump. I feel bad for her but I have to admit I had a good laugh! Perhaps her next stop should be at a coffee shop?
Watch the video below and remember it whenever you’re having a lousy day. Share this story with your friends and remind them that their day really isn’t so bad!

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