The doctors thought it was a poison ivy rash, but days later they noticed THIS.

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WARNING: There are graphic images contained within this story which feature the Stevens-Johnson syndrome. May be disturbing for some. If you’re squeamish please click off now.

Zachary is not doing very well. His mom Mandy picks him up from school and notices right away that something is not right. Zachary says he has a rash that itches on his feet and eyes, like poison ivy. His mom ends up rubbing a soothing cream to his feet so he hopefully can be relieved from the itching.
But the next day is worse. His whole body is covered with the rash. His temp rises. Fever sets in. Mandy rushes her boy to Emergency.
At the hospital, the doctors are unsure of what exactly is going on. Must be a viral infection of some sort they surmise. But then the medication they give him doesn’t work and he becomes even worse compared to when he came in. Now his eyes are bloodshot. His lips begin to crack wide open.
It would be a nurse who has a hunch regarding what is going on. Could it be Stevens-Johnson syndrome she wonders? The confirmation is made. Indeed the boy is suffering from this very rare, yet very dangerous disease that targets skin and mucous membranes. Flu like symptoms set in to begin with, and fatality rapidly follows.
The cause is generally some kind of allergic reaction to particular drugs. Turns out Mandy gave her boy some pills only days prior to deal with a migraine headache.

Now the boy’s skin is blistering, and begins to peel off. Turns out 90 percent of his skin is now affected. Next are the lungs. At this point an artificial coma is needed to be implemented so that they can remove his top layer of dead skin. An artificial skin substitute is used to wrap him up in order for new skin to form over his already very weakened body.

Will he survive? Nobody knows.
The brave little boy has now lasted another month, and is out of the coma, while recovering surprisingly quickly. His health is much better and no permanent damage has occurred. Naturally, the family is overwhelmed with joy that their boy has become completely healthy after undergoing such a horrific episode where he nearly did not make it.
Even though Zachary was a small and fragile little boy, he had the heart of a lion to endure everything he had to go through. The suffering and the harsh treatments, Zachary overcame it all and the end result turned out incredibly positive!
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