Concerned Mother Waits Anxiously To Know If Baby Giraffe Survived Birth

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Here we have a very moving scene. It’s a pregnant Giraffe named Marilyn.
She gives birth in front of a crowd. This takes place at the Memphis Zoo and the crowd gets to witness a giraffe birth take place. They also witness something else which was very moving. After the baby was born, Marilyn examines anxiously for any indication of life in regards to her newborn. The baby remains still. Marilyn waits and waits. Everything becomes very quiet as there is a nervous tension in the air regarding if this baby is indeed alive or not. It seems like hours go by before, finally, the baby calf starts moving! The calf raises it’s head and eventually rises up on it’s shaky legs, about to take the very first step of life! Marilyn is relieved, and the crowd is joyous as well!

By ifreakingloveanimals
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