A young person gives a homeless man $100 and sees him run to the liquor store. But as he follows him further, THIS happens.

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There’s few places throughout the world where homeless people aren’t seen as anything more than a problem; it’s a sad reality but fortunately the image is changing as more people grow accustomed to dealing with it.

 The more we condemn those that have it worse off than we do, the longer it takes to get out of this cycle of hating the wrong people for the wrong things. In order to get his own image as to what he could expect from the homeless, one young man decided to give one guy $100 and film what happens next. They stood back and watched as he immediately walked into a nearby liquor store with their own minds close to made up. 

Why would someone do that, spend what little they earn on something not necessary? That’s just what addiction does to you folks, but that’s not the end of the story here…

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