A Dog Comes Home With A Bag In His Mouth. Nothing In The World Can Prepare You For What’s Inside.

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Bangkok is where this adorable doggy calls home. His name is Pui and he usually spends his days roaming around the streets.

For food he will occasionally search the dump, and on this occasion he came away with something peculiar. It was in a white plastic bag and Pui knew that this was a bit odd. So he very carefully takes the bag in his mouth and goes back to his family’s house. He then barked and barked until someone took notice.

In the bag, a quiet whimper could be heard. The family quickly became shocked at what was inside. A newborn baby. It was premature and very fragile.

They immediately called an ambulance.
Less than 5 pounds and badly malnourished. He was given an IV at the hospital for feeding. Staff at the hospital tried to track down who was responsible for the child. The baby did end up surviving, and it was all thanks to this amazing dog who knew exactly what to do when he came across a human baby. Pui is now the town hero and news crews have reported on his incredible heroics.
He was even given a collar with a medal on it! The family received 300 dollars for which they really could use and no doubt a good chunk will go to some good meals for their hero dog!

What if Pui never noticed the baby? Surely it would not have survived. Share this wonderful story with all of your dog loving friends and family!

Source diyhilfe.com
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