Why Don’t The Amish People Get Cancer?

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Cancer Causes and Control published a study revealing that Amish people have virtually zero experience with cancer, and are considered the healthiest people in the USA.
A research team from the State University in Ohio initially published a study on this population to discover whether the lack of traditional medicine leads to higher rates of cancer, but they made an interesting discovery.
They discovered that the Amish people have significantly lower rates of cancer than other people worldwide. Therefore, they investigated their lifestyle and dietary habits to discover the reason for it.
They discovered that the Amish do not smoke, drink and are not sexually promiscuous, so they hypothesized that these factors were the key for the reduced cancer rates.
They also closely examined their hard work, since most of the Amish have physically intense jobs, like construction and farming, and they spend their days making furniture, or producing crops and other goods. This way, they are always in perfect shape and health.

Furthermore, these people grow their own food, so their organic food, fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat are grown by organic procedures, and contain essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
This way, they only eat healthy and natural food which additionally contributes to their good health.
Although their secluded life is criticized by many, Amish people lead healthy and simple, eating healthy and clean, organic food, which makes them not susceptible to modern diseases, like as cancer.
On the contrary, we spend most of the our day in the offices, consuming GMO food and food full of toxins, breathing polluted air and taking numerous drugs.
It is obvious which lifestyle is more beneficial, and which one leads to deterioration of our health.

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