He Tightens His Belt Around A Door Hinge. The Reason? This Could Save Your Life One Day

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 Normally, we like to post happier things on Metaspoon but sometimes we’ll come across a video that we think needs to be seen by everyone because it can help save lives one day. Hopefully, the knowledge that you gain from this video is something that you will never ever have to use but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
With all of the horrible attacks that have been happening at schools, movie theatres, and out in public, it’s not at all surprising that many people have been left wondering what they should do if they ever find themselves in such a dangerous and stressful situation. What are we supposed to do? How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones? It’s crucial that you have a plan ahead of time.
Meet Bill Stanton. Bill is a safety expert and he says that we can’t be so passive in these hostile situations. In a segment of Inside Edition, Bill teaches us a plan of action that can potentially save our lives. Some of his tactics include:

  • Making sure you know where the exits are ahead of time
  • If you can’t make it to an exit, find a place to hide and barricade any entries as much as possible
  • If the attacker breaks into your hiding space, prepare to fight back and use anything you can find as a weapon (fire extinguisher, scissors, etc.)
Watch the full video below for the full details on what to do to help keep you and your loved ones safe. And please make sure you pass this important information along to your family and friends.

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