Amazing Results after Rubbing Aloe Vera on the Face

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The Aloe Vera plant has been used many years before the appearance of pharmaceutical and beauty industries. This magical plant is now used in many different beauty and medicinal products.
The benefits of this plant and its simple use have been passed from generation to generation. Now, we will present you a natural and simple method that uses Aloe Vera and benefits your skin more than any other beauty salon treatment or beauty product.
Aloe Vera
You will have a beautiful and soft skin with this easy and simple Aloe Vera trick. For this trick, you only need Aloe Vera.


1. Wash the leaves
First, you have to wash the plant carefully in order not to peel it. Make sure that you wash the leaves nicely.
2. Soften the leaves
Thump the leaves gently to make them soft.
3. Cut them in half
Afterwards, you need to split the leaves in half. Be careful not to cut a large portion, as the entire leaf will not be used immediately. So, cut only the needed amount.
4. Cut the edges of the leaf
Before peeling the leaf, first cut its edges. Use a knife to remove the edges. Remember that you should cut the edges on every side of the leaf. This will open the Aloe Vera leaf and you can peel it easily afterwards.

5. Split open the Aloe Vera leaf
After the edges are gone, you need to split the leaf into two with your fingers. If you cannot do this with your hands, you can use a knife.
6. Take out the juice
Use a spoon to take out the juice. Try to gather as much as possible. Put the juice in a bowl.
7. Apply the juice on your face
With your fingers, apply the juice on your face. You can massage the face with the Aloe Vera leaf. Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes.
8. Peel off the mask and wash the face
Peel off the mask and wash your face. Use only water as chemical products may interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment.
9. Perfect skin
Dry your face with a towel. Your skin will be nice, shiny and smooth.
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