This Man Picks Up An Injured Deer On The Road. But That’s When He Realizes The Horrifying Truth…

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Meet Simon Cowell, the founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation (no relation to the outspoken TV celebrity judge). Simon regularly helps rescue animals but this time, the situation was very different due to the tremendous urgency required. Simon received a call about a female roe deer that was hit by a car. She was bleeding and badly injured, and needed to be treated quickly or else should wouldn’t make it. “Time is of the essence with deer, as they suffer from capture myopathy, which is a complex disease associated with the capture or handling of any wild animal. 
A deer can die of capture myopathy when too stressed. For that reason, Emma, our vet, quickly stitched the wounds and rushed back with Simon to where the deer was found.” The video is very emotional and can be tough to watch, but thank goodness for people like Simon Cowell! The poor deer was giving up on life until Simon stepped in.


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