Man’s Body Full Of Worms After Consuming Sushi

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If you one of those people who enjoy eating sushi spicy tuna roll, or salmon skin then you always need to know where the sushi comes from and whether it is correctly prepared. If it is not correctly prepared, it can cause a lot of health issues which was the case with this man.
These are the consequences of consuming improperly prepared sushi.
A Chinese man experienced severe stomach pain and his skin became itchy after consuming one serving of Sashimi and immediately went to the doctor where he heard terrifying news: his full body scan revealed that his body was infected with parasitic tape worms.
This type of worm known as Diphyllobothrium, which is present in all species of fish, can result in Diphylloborthriasis in people after consumption of undercooked or raw fish.
These are the most usual symptoms which occur right after you ingest the larvae of diphyllobothrium:

• Discomfort or pain in the abdomen
• Weakness
• Considerable weight loss
• Diarrhea
• Dizziness
• Malnutrition
• Insomnia
• Jaundice
But the greatest danger that we want to warn you about are the deadly consequences you may suffer if your body is full of this type of worms. They can get to the brain and live there for years, and can go on undetected for longer period of time and it would take a couple of months to be noticed.
Numerous studies have discovered health issues you may experience after eating undercooked or raw fish like numerous parasitic infections. Sometimes you can experience additional reaction in your organism even though the fish you consume is cooked.
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