Here’s How You Can Train Your Brain To Fall Asleep In Half A Minute

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If you need 15 minutes to fall asleep, you spend 91 hours every year doing this. If you need one hour to fall asleep, you are suffering from insomnia and you definitely spend a lot of hours just lying in your bed waiting to fall asleep. To conclude, most people waste a lot of time on this boring activity.
To change this situation, learn how to train your brain to fall asleep fast.

Avoid caffeine!
If you want to improve you sleeping patterns eliminate caffeine from your diet for two weeks. You should avoid:
• Coffee
• Chocolate
• Yerba mate
• Tea that contain caffeine such as green, white and decaf tea
Drinking a small cup of coffee in the morning can cause inability to fall asleep, interrupted sleep and non-restful sleep.
If you are a caffeine lover, you can reintroduce caffeine in your diet when your sleep gets normal. When you learn how to fall asleep in 30 seconds, caffeine during the day will not cause you any more troubles.
Training your brain
Many people who needed half an hour to fall asleep are now able to fall asleep in less than 30 seconds with this technique.
Stress and a lot of things on your mind can affect the time you need to fall asleep after you train your brain, but most of the nights you will be able to fall asleep immediately.
This technique is not something that can happen instantly. Instead, it is a process that requires some time. When you learn it, you will do it automatically.
The training process
The process may require months or even years. Yet, you should be determined to learn this technique since it will reduce the hours spend in bed trying to sleep.
Firstly, you should know that it is possible to fall asleep quickly. Many people fall asleep fast when they are tired or when they are watching a movie. So, the brain knows how to fall asleep almost immediately and only needs training to do this regularly.
If you train your brain, you will be able to fall asleep in 30 seconds, as you will be able to do pushups if you train your muscles.
Your brain should be trained to forget all other activities and concentrate only on falling asleep immediately.
The brain is active even during deep sleep and operates in various modes of consciousness such as alpha, beta, delta and theta phases. If you don’t train your brain to fall asleep fast, it will do everything else until it is prepared to fall asleep. You must train your brain not to be lazy when falling asleep is concerned.
The subconscious mind does not allow you to fall asleep, even though the conscious mind wants to. Your subconscious mind will continue to create thoughts and ideas which don’t allow you fall asleep.
If you train the subconscious mind it will obey the conscious mind order to fall asleep immediately. However, if you are not sleepy, the subconscious mind will not allow sleep to come.
Below, we explain the process of how to train your brain to fall asleep in half a minute.
If you are tired during the day, take a nap that last for 20 minutes. Don’t sleep more than 20 minutes. Set an alarm to wake you up.

Turn on the alarm immediately after you go to bed. Even if you don’t fall asleep, you are not allowed to be in bed more than exactly 20 minutes.
When the 20 minutes pass, get out of bed immediately. Don’t continue the nap. Put the alarm away from you, so that you have to get up to turn it off, or ask somebody to drag you out of bed. If you are still tired, take another nap after an hour passes.
Take naps during the day. You can also take naps at night, as long as they are an hour before the time you go to bed. At night, take a nap after dinner, since most people are feeling sleepy after this.
You don’t need to nap every day, but nap at least a few days in the week. It is best to have one nap every day of the week.
The training of your subconscious mind also requires from you to wake up in the morning with an alarm. Set your alarm at the same time every day. Get out of bed immediately, even if you are very sleepy.
Next, go to bed at the time when you will be able to sleep the entire night and feel rested in the morning. For instance, if you have to get up at 7am every morning and you need 7 hours of sleep, go in bed at 12 o’clock every night. If you need a lot of time to fall asleep, you need more hours of sleep than you think.
Your brain is getting the message that the time for sleep is limited and determined. Your brain will learn to fall asleep quickly since it cannot waste time on falling asleep, since the sleeping time is determined no matter what.
If you go to bed whenever your brain wants and you get up in the same manner, you are allowing your brain to be inefficient and lazy. Your brain will spend 30 minutes to fall asleep, since it knows that you will allow him to sleep in later. If you wake up at the same time with an alarm, but you go to bed earlier because your need more time to fall asleep, you are still allowing your brain to be lazy when falling asleep is concerned.
Coffee and chocolate will also allow your brain to continue functioning even though it has not gotten enough sleep. If you eliminate these products from your diet, your brain will learn that it needs to fall asleep quickly in order not to be tired the following day.
Teach your brain that oversleeping and stimulants are not an available option. Falling asleep fast is the only way to be rested and not sleepy the following day. Your brain will learn that the sleep time is a limited resource and it will learn to optimize its use. In the same manner, our brains learned to use sugar and oxygen.
If you are too tired and sleepy through the day, take naps. You can take multiple naps a day as long as they last for 20 minutes and the spam between the naps is at least an hour.
If you don’t have a lot of time for napping or you get used to this short naps, you can start practicing naps that last for less than 20 minutes. Your naps may last for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. 5-minute naps can be quite effective and refreshing if you fall asleep almost immediately.
Train your brain that a 20-minute nap means that the time of the nap also includes the time needed to fall asleep. If the brain spends time on falling asleep, it will have less time for the actual sleep.
In the same manner, train your brain that it will have X number of hours to sleep at night. Those hours include the time needed to fall asleep, so spending time on falling asleep is not an option that is good for your brain.
Once you teach your brain about this sleeping routine, you will not need further training. You can also forget about the alarm. You can get up whenever you want as well. The training will be most likely remembered by your brain. You can add caffeine to your diet again as well. However, spend at least several months on the training process before you get back to your habits.
If this training process seems very difficult to you, remember that your brain needs this training if you want to reduce the time trying to fall asleep.
Some people will need only a few weeks of training, and others will need several months. Everything depends on the brain of the person. The diet is also a major influence on the length of the training process. A natural, healthy and light diet will most certainly aid the process.
Exercising, especially cardio exercises are also essential, since they help the hormones to stay in balance, and the hormones also affect the sleeping process a lot.
You will not be able to change your bad sleeping habits if you don’t exercise or you eat heavily processed food.

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