He Pulls A Drowning Deer Out Of The Water. Now Watch When He Brings Him To The Sand…

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Ahhhh, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing day of fishing with your buddies. Just cast your line in, sit back, and wait patiently for a nibble while you enjoy some peace and quiet. Sounds nice, right? Well, the truth is that you never really know what nature will throw at you while you’re out on the waters.
I’ve heard stories of fishermen having unexpected encounters with whales, dolphins, seals, otters… all very memorable moments, I’m sure. However, when a few fishermen were out doing their thing on Long Island Sound, they had an encounter that sounds so completely insane that nobody would have believed them had they not caught the whole thing on video.

It started off as a normal fishing trip for Rob Kurdy and his fishing buddies but it took an unreal turn when they spotted something unusual bobbing in the waves. They decided to investigate and take a closer look and that’s when they finally saw it: a deer! The frightened deer was struggling to stay above water. It’s not clear how a deer ended up in the middle of the water. Perhaps he went for a dip and somehow got caught in a current. Regardless, when Kurdy saw the deer, he knew that he had to do something.
In the video below, you’ll see what Kurdy and his friends did to save this poor deer’s life. There’s no telling how long this deer was struggling in the water but thank goodness these guys got there in time. What a truly incredible story!

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