Study Finds Many Doctors Do NOT Recommend Giving This Vaccine to Your Kids

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More bad news for Gardasil and the HPV vaccine. As countries around the world begin to investigate or stop recommending the HPV vaccine due to the high amount of adverse side effects, which includes Primary Ovarian Failure (or “premature menopause” where young ladies will never be able to bear children) and severe disabilities, a new study just published in the journal Pediatrics again shows that doctors in the U.S. are increasingly hesitant to recommend the vaccine.
This hesitation regarding the HPV vaccine mirrors a similar study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention last month showing that nearly half of the doctors in U.S. are not routinely recommending the HPV vaccine.

Many doctors don’t urge HPV shots for preteens: study

Chicago SunTimes (Associated Press)

Many pediatricians and family doctors are not strongly recommending the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine to preteens and their parents, contributing to low vaccination rates, a survey of nearly 600 doctors suggests.
The most common reasons doctors cited for delaying HPV discussions and vaccinations included a belief that patients hadn’t had sex and that parents would object.
The authors, led by University of Colorado researcher Dr. Allison Kempe, surveyed 582 pediatricians and family physicians by mail or online about two years ago. The doctors were in a nationwide network that participates in similar surveys and whose views on other topics have been found to be similar to random samples of U.S. physicians, the researchers said.
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