What Happens To People Who Do Bad Things ? IN HELL ...!!!

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The Buddha's Teaching shows us that there are heavens and hells not only beyond this world and this life, but in this very world itself. Often the heaven and hells were used to depict the suffering and not as a place that actually exists. There is a very interesting article here which explains Buddhist view on  heaven & hell here. Thousands of years ago it was very logical to use terms such as Heaven and Hell as places of scaled exaggeration so that the people will be scared to evil things. These often stated in Buddhist literature and not in Tripitaka which is the scripture which explains the true depth of Buddhism. 

Thus the Buddhist conception of heaven and hell is very reasonable. For instance, the Buddha once said, 'When the average ignorant person makes an assertion to the effect that there is a Hell (patala) under the ocean he is making a statement which is false and without basis. The word 'Hell' is a term for painful sensations. 'The idea of one particular ready-made place or a place created by god as heaven and hell is not acceptable to the Buddhist concept.

what happens to you in hell
Heaven is a temporary place where those who have done good deeds experience more sensual pleasures for a longer period.

Hell is another temporary place where those evil doers experience more physical and mental suffering.

It is not justifiable to believe that such places are permanent. There is no god behind the scene of heaven and hell. Each and every person experiences according to his good and bad kamma. Buddhist never try to introduce Buddhism by frightening people through hell-fire or enticing people by pointing to paradise.

Their main idea is character building and mental training. Buddhists can practice their religion without aiming at heaven or without developing fear of hell.

It's up to you to decide whether you need to do bad things or good things in you're lives...!!!!

Following are some pictures which helps us to understand how the people are treated IN HELL....!!!!

(1) People who makes traps and made other people into trouble. 

2) People who ate animal alive

3) People who killed and ate animal flesh 

4) People who robbed from others


5) Doctors who didn’t do their job properly

(6) People who had sexual relationships with married women and people who raped or abandoned women after fulfilling their desires

7)People who always lie in order to break relationships or made other people to quarrel. 

People who sneak, asperse or backbite with their evil tongue in order to do bad to others. 

People who swore and claims things that they haven’t done but doing opposite evil things. 

8) People who eat from money earned by robbing from others 

9) People who made others to suffer (harassment, destroy property or made others to loose their jobs, kill families etc

(10) People who humiliated or disrespected others 

(11) People who committed murders

(12) People who assassinate others 

(13) People who made others to suffer mentally

 14) People who exploited people 

15) People who made others to hurt with a bad mouths. 

 16) People who appear like friends and doing the opposite when they were not around 

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