Nibiru Planet X Will Crash into Earth December 2015

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Planet X Nibiru show recorded 26 November 2015. They say Nibiru passed close to Earth and caused a huge flood to happen. But Nibiru means “The Crossing” or “The Planet That Crosses Earth’s Path.”
The great flood of Noah which was not only described in the Bible but also described in many other annals of recorded history, was caused when Nibiru passed by and split open the “fountains of the deep” which were huge caverns of water the earth contained just under the surface.
Looking at all the incoming dangers for planet earth from outer space.. Are we seeing the Planet X theory morph and develop into what is now known to be true. For several months now the possible mechanism that has stirred the greatest interest and debate is the one involving the Sun’s theorized companion star, Nemesis, or “death star” as scientists call it.

The companion star, they reasoned, could follow an eccentric orbit about one-and-a-half times as long as it is wide that would take it far out, as much as three light years from the Sun, and bring it back to the vicinity of the near solar system only once every 26 million years.
The scientists further concur that if this theory is true, then it would most certainly explain the extinction level events of Earth’s history.
Marshall Masters provided updates on Nibiru (Planet X). What’s referred to as Planet X is actually a mini-constellation around a brown dwarf star in our own solar system that is on a 3,600 year orbit, he suggested.
Right now, it’s located on the opposite side of the sun, beyond the orbit of Jupiter, but as it reaches its closest distance to the sun it will accelerate, and cross over Earth’s orbit. If our planet happens to be on the same side of the sun when that happens— that’s a worst case scenario that happened last at the time of Noah’s flood.
The effects from Nibiru’s passage could be devastating he said, with a likely pole shift, and huge tsunamis slamming the coastlines. In a corollary to Bible prophecy, as Nibiru passes between Earth and the sun, it will cause days of darkness, and literally block out the sun, he added.
Regarding weather modification and chemtrails, the elite may be doing it to create a mini-ice age, in advance of Planet X, which will cause the planet to heat up, he theorized.

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