He Rolled These Old Plastic Bags Together. When I Saw Why… WOW! Pure Genius!

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Good news: your life is about to get that much easier thanks to these 10 life hacks! 

We “normal” people tend to go about our lives without really second-guessing the way we do basic tasks. For example, 

how do you sleep on a pillow? 
How do you turn on the faucet in your shower? 
How do you peel a kiwi? 

You might be thinking these are straight forward. But could there be a better way? Well friend, the people of the internet are about to blow your mind. 

These 10 life hacks are sure to make you smack your forehead and scream “why didn’t I know this before!?” 

Make sure you watch to the very end to see the plastic bag hack!

Wow! I have a drawer stuffed full of plastic bags, so that plastic bag dispenser hack is definitely my favourite!

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