How To Treat Water On The Knee

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Many suffer from knee pain and are facing the fear of removing water from the knee, strong therapies and medicaments. Help yourself and try this simple recipe that will help you solve the problem.

Ingredients needed:

– Handful of beans
– 1 zip lock bag
– 1 cotton towel
– 1 linen towel
– 1 woolen towel

Method of preparation:

Cook the beans for 15 minutes in previously boiled water. Strain the cooked beans, let it cool a bit and put it in 1 or 2-liter zip lock bag.

The beans should be as warm as your knee can stand. Do not use it cold or very hot in order to avoid burns. Arrange the beans in the zip lock bag, so it is not in one place and put it on the knee. First, place the cotton towel, then linen and finally the wool towel over the zip lock bag with beans in it. 

Wrap the towels well and holds them on the knee overnight. Throw away the zip lock bag the next day. Repeat this procedure every night for a period of 40 days. The result will be satisfying, but you need to be persistent. We believe that you will be happy to recommend your experience to others.

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