Be Careful When You Hold or Carry Your Child’s Hand...... It's VERY IMPORTANT

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We all have our way of carrying a small baby. But we all know that it is a very delicate being and should be taken much care of. We are all very conscious about not holding the baby too tight or too loose, but we never know how to properly hold it. We choose many styles while holding a sibling or someone’s baby, according to our comfort of course. Moreover, we choose to be more delicate towards an infant, than towards a toddler. It is because we are somewhat aware that the toddler can carry himself better than an infant of course.

At many times we think that the manner of handling a child is good enough, yet it might be disturbing for him. For example, in some cultures, the African and the subcontinent, people carry their child sideways, spreading their legs around their lower bodies and holding them from the child’s back. The child in turn gets used to holding on to the lower back of the mother. In the beginning of course it is uncomfortable for the child but with time, he gets used to it. We supposed that the way of carrying the child was comfortable, however, it wasn’t and we made him used to it and induced the level of comfort in him of that position.

Cultural diversity in carrying a child
Every culture is found in its specific area of the world, thinking so, according to the conditions the general public adopts a way of carrying the child. Similarly, below are a few ways of carrying the child adopted by different people of different nations:

  • Mexicans and Guatemala carry their babies in wrapped around slings.
  • People of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia carry their babies in a manta on their backs.
  • Indonesian people carry the babies in cloths tied as slings sideways, these cloths are also worn as skirts or dresses.
  • The people of BALI don’t allow the babies to touch the ground and our passed from person to person. After 3 months, after a ceremony, they are allowed to touch the ground.
  • In India due to caste system, only the lower caste people carry their babies in a pocket made by the end of their Sarees. The rich are too arrogant to follow this trend.
Proper way of carrying the child
Our main concern is not only for trends of carrying a baby, but the toddlers too. Many people understand that the bones are delicate at a younger age and might break. People are to take much care of the delicacy of the child at that age for he is unable to define is comfort parameters. Furthermore, as babies grow into infants, we start applying force on to their arms and hands while pulling or pushing them. This is where everything goes wrong. When people forget that the bones are still fragile and the joints are still loose. Parents unintentionally apply force on to the joints of the child.

  • The arm: the simplest example might be when we are walking with a child and we hold his arm to keep him close to us. We apply forces like pushing or pulling on the child. Especially when the child is yet a toddler, we apply force to the elbow joint while pulling his arm. The child might even try to get away from the parents in an attempt to play or escape off to in act some mischief.
  • The hand: this is also an area where we apply a pulling force usually. As adults we do have a habit of holding each other’s hands, we in act the same way with children. We pull on their finger because they are so short heighted, without thinking that we have their wrist and finger joints at harm.
Alternative: using a pram or cot is the safest way to avoid dangers such as joint dislocation. It is very common amongst children and of course is very painful. Use a pram or a cot. Don’t use slings like people of different cultures because that applies force to the bones of the child and even changes the alignment of the bones. The after effects such as claustrophobia can be seen after the child comes into his teen.

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