Garlic Mole Removal Procedure

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Professional mole removal and commercial mole removal products are very costly, and they can often leave you with scars on your skin.
Fortunately for the growing number of people who are interesting in removing unsightly moles, garlic is an ideal safe, convenient, and low cost mole removal solution.

So How Does Garlic Mole Removal Work?

Moles are simply a cluster of skin cells that have grouped together unevenly on the skins surface and become dark. Garlic contains key enzymes that are able to breakdown the structure of a mole and allow these cells to disperse evenly throughout the body. These enzymes are also capable of lightening the pigmentation of any skin cells which are left.


Though there are plenty of mole removal products available for consumers to choose from, the majority are expensive, difficult to use, and time consuming. They also tend to contain chemical based ingredients which are harsh to skin. Fortunately, natural garlic mole removal can be easily done by following this step by step method:

01. If garlic extract is left for an extended period of time, the natural enzymes may irritate skin, so it is important to protect the area surrounding your mole before you begin. Spread a layer of petroleum jelly on the area directly around your mole. Masking tape can be used as an alternative.
02. Prepare a garlic paste by crushing one garlic clove with a garlic press. Garlic extract can be used instead as long as it is applied delicately with a cotton wool ball or swab.
03. Carefully apply the substance to your mole, while trying not to spread it to nearby skin.
04. Use a bandage to cover the area, and leave it in place for around four hours.
This process should be repeated three times at regular intervals throughout the day. If you would rather apply the treatment at night, add a slice of clove to the garlic paste. When this method is carried out successfully, the mole will shrink down and become darker before eventually falling off. Most people report seeing visible results within two to four days.

Key Considerations Before You Begin

Garlic application is a very fast and cost effective process of mole removal, and the natural ingredients that are needed can be found in any grocery store. The method is the ideal choice for anyone aiming to treat a number of moles and trying to save money.

However, it is important to consider the possible risks before you begin. If garlic is applied incorrectly and it comes into contact with surrounding skin, enzymes can cause burns. To avoid this, make sure to be precise when applying the garlic and to change your bandages regularly. It is far better to use this method on medium and large moles, as small moles can be difficult to cover neatly.

While the majority of moles are completely harmless, many people consider them to be unattractive, so mole removal is a common beauty aim. If the mole you are interested in treating is uneven, discolored, or has grown in size, it is best to consult your doctor before trying to remove it yourself.

source: behealthy24
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